Diana Talbot specializes in both Oil Painting and Mixed Media Art using found objects and 
up-cycled materials.
In her process and subject matter, she maintains a strong connection to the natural
and spiritual world.  Her inspiration comes from Mother Nature, in all her splendor.  There is 
so much healing to be found in the mountains and at the ocean.
Diana began to paint while she
was living in New Mexico at the age of 27.

The artist travelled abroad to Greece and Italy, studying ancient Greek and Roman
Civilization, Architecture and Art from Ancient Greece to the Italian Renaissance.
She holds degrees in History and Classical Literature, and she studied Painting and
Drawing at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Diana sold her work through the Kalled Gallery
in Wolfeboro, NH for 4 years and she is in numerous private collections. She has exhibited her work nationally and
internationally, including the National Gallery in Bejing. She lives in New England.